Acoustic ceiling analysis

Confederation Centre of the Arts – Homburg Theatre

Client: Confederation Centre of the Arts
Size: 15,000 sf
Cost: $ 14M

Since its original design in 1964, the function of the Main Stage of the Confederation Centre of the Arts (CCA) has shifted primarily toward musical theatre; significant redesign of the theatre was required to optimize acoustics and accommodate larger audience capacity requirements. Two new loggias were designed to cantilever over the orchestra, flanking the existing balcony. Multiple lighting catwalks were suspended from the roof and a new sound, lighting, and follow-spot platform was installed above the mezzanine. The design concept sensitively updates the CCA’s Main Stage Theatre for contemporary performances while providing a formally expressive architecture. The acoustically engineered wall and ceiling panels form a continuation of the stage’s curtain, effectively encompassing the entire chamber as part of the performance stage. Not only were the acoustic wall and ceiling panels delicately designed and engineered for optimal technical performance, but their formal shifting up and down relative to one another rhythmically mimics the motion of sound waves. The theatre’s redesign facilitates state-of-the-art lighting, acoustics, and stage management capability.

Acoustic ceiling analysis
Side wall section sketches
Long theatre section sketches
Acoustic Ceiling Analysis
Early rendering
Acoustic ceiling panel construction
Acoustic ceiling panels
Acoustic wall panels & recessed lighting
Balcony and loggias
Ceiling panel above the stage
Colour variable LED lighting
Control booth
Performance lighting
Rhythm of seating and wall panels
Silva Stojak with her design
Tectonics of the ceiling panels
View from above the proscenium arch
View from the control room
View of catwalks from the audience
View of control room from the stage