Grand Senses Spa

Client: Dyne Holdings Ltd.
Size: 6,250 sf
Cost: $800,000

Grand Senses Spa is newly located on Grafton Street in the downtown core of historic Charlottetown. One of the primary project goals was to insert a contemporary spa into an historic envelope without disrupting the existing building’s character. The heritage façade is restored to its original historic form with large storefront windows that address the street. The spa is designed as an open and transparent space that also provides clients with privacy. This was achieved with the use semi-transparent surfaces, such as patterned glazing panels and screened openings, as well as through lighting and color strategies that brighten areas and formally de-emphasize partitions. Natural maple finishes and diffuse lighting provide the space with a relaxing, calm, and therapeutic atmosphere.

Floor plan sketches
Confederation Court Mall entry
Front desk and entry glazing
Front desk
Closet detail
Maple slat feature wall
Closet door detail
Sliding door and cabinet millwork
Screened opening detail
Stair millwork
Stair tread detail
Railing detail
Massage room millwork
Custom locker millwork
Change room millwork
Custom stall partitions
Stall partition detail
Change room bench
Change room bench detail
Shower stall