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Queen Square Parliament Building

Situated where now lies a vacant lot, the project was designed to formally complete Queen Square’s Parliamentary precinct providing exhibition, conference, and office space to public officials and the public.

night elevation from dorchester street

Dorchester Rowhouses

This project proposes the reestablishment of the character defining residential density of the historic neighbourhood while providing a contemporary model for present-day urban living.

Courtyard - Lukas

Mill Cove Nursing Home

The Mill Cove Nursing Home consists of two one-storey residential buildings connected by a core structure housing the central kitchen and laundry, administration, mechanical/service space, and a multi-purpose community space.


Fitzpatrick & Company office fit-up

The design focuses on client privacy and security while providing natural light to all interior areas through the organization of program spaces and the use of transparent elements. Client privacy is ensured through the careful detailing that prevents sound from travelling between meeting rooms and private offices.


Global investment firm office interior fit-up

In 2008, BGHJ Architects completed an interior office fit-up design for this client, housing approximately 300 employees. The project won the 2009 Award of Merit by the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario and received the award rating of LEEDtm Canada Certified in April 2010. In 2014, the client approached BGHJ Architects to design […]


Sh*t Load of Tubes Pavilion

In sourcing material for this year’s recyclable installation for Art in the Open festival, we found that the paper tubes used in the transportation of carpet and flooring were readily available. Drawing on the strength of paper tubes in a vertical orientation, we studied the architectural potential of the paper tubes’ cross-section. The roof structure […]


Confederation Centre of the Arts Pavilions

This project was conceived to spatially orient visitors within the Confederation Centre of the Arts Plaza. The project is comprised of three pavilions – an enclosed visitor information kiosk and two occupiable “folded” objects – that are designed to activate the public plaza and engage visitors. The form of each of the pavilions is derived from the triangulated […]


Grand Senses Spa

Grand Senses Spa is newly located on Grafton Street in the downtown core of historic Charlottetown. One of the primary project goals was to insert a contemporary spa into an historic envelope without disrupting the existing building’s character.

Acoustic Ceiling Analysis

Confederation Centre of the Arts – Homburg Theatre

Since its original design in 1964, the function of the Main Stage of the Confederation Centre of the Arts (CCA) has shifted primarily toward musical theatre; significant redesign of the theatre was required to optimize acoustics and accommodate larger audience capacity requirements.

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Charlottetown City Hall

The Charlottetown City Hall renovation was initiated to facilitate public access to the city’s administrative departs by improving circulation and giving the historic building a clean, contemporary update while maintaining its historic character.

installation complete

Hex in the Open

During the Art in the Open festival, the Architect Association of Prince Edward Island held a competition to build an inhabitable space for under $100.

North Facade

Prince Edward Home

PE Home’s “neighborhood/household” concept formally replicates the variation and structure of an urban environment, facilitating the creation of smaller community groups that interrelate with one another. The “neighborhood” and “household” organization of the project provides layers of intimacy promoting resident comfort and a sense of home.

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Carr, Stevenson & MacKay Law Offices

The design concept for this interior fit-up provides natural light to all areas of the building by organizing private offices along the building’s perimeter around the open workspaces in the centre.

view from Main street

Garden of the Gulf Museum

The design for the unrealized addition to the Garden of the Gulf Museum proposed additional exhibition space and a showcase for The Canada Tree (1996), a magnificent 3-storey work by late sculptor Tyler Aspin.


Maplewood Manor

Based around a public, indoor street, the building presents multiple spatial zones offering varying degrees of privacy.

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UPEI School of Nursing

Designed with a narrow floor plate, the building provides all interior spaces with a maximum of daylighting, ventilation, and views to the surrounding campus.

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Canada’s Smartest Kitchen

Canada’s Smartest Kitchen represents the contemporary face of Holland College’s renowned Culinary Institute.

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Howe Bay House

Situated on the windswept shores of Howe Bay, the Howe Bay House is comprised of two rectangular blocks, rotated 90 degrees from one another in a cruciform plan leaving a void at their intersection.

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Saint John Energy Headquarters

The Saint John Energy Headquarters is designed to consolidate the energy company’s multiple service and administrative departments into a single building exemplifying energy efficiency and contributing to the health and productivity of its users.

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Government of Canada – Jean Canfield Building

In joint venture with HOK, the Jean Canfield Building was designed as a sustainable precedent for Canadian federal buildings of the 21st century.

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Launching House

Launching House is a contemporary summer residence and studio on the rugged eastern shores of Launching Harbour.

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Ringwood Cottage

The Ringwood Cottage is situated in a protective grove of poplar trees overlooking the Northumberland Strait.

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Atlantic Technology Centre

Located centrally on University Avenue, the Atlantic Technology Centre (ATC) is situated in the gateway to the historic city of Charlottetown.

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Greenwich National Park

Taking the elemental form of a pastoral community of gabled barns, the Greenwich National Park public beach facility provides sustainable park services for visitors and personnel.

aqua culture studies

Cape Cod Ark

The Cape Cod Ark was designed as a food-raising bioshelter integrating solar architecture, fish culture, and agricultural systems.

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The PEI Ark was a UN Habitat’s Canadian Urban Demonstration Project built to explore self sufficient housing in the wake of the 1970’s energy crisis.